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Our Classes

Our Group Fitness Classes range from Indoor Cycling ("spin"), Bootcamps, HIIT/Cardio, Strength, Low Impact, Beginners, TRX, Kettlebell, Pilates, and more! Check the weekly schedule to see dates and times for each class.

Beginners Spin

Have you thought about trying spin but weren't sure what to expect? This 30 minute class will help get your feet moving in circles. We will focus on basic body positions and proper posture and alignment. You will receive guidance on how to properly adjust the bike to fit your body to ensure safety and comfort during your ride. You can choose the resistance that feels right to you and ride within your limits.

Light Weights for Women

This class is designed for beginners who would like to learn how to use free weights. The instructor will personally guide you through each exercise to ensure you are using proper technique. Each class will focus on a different area of the body. Gain the knowledge and confidence you need to start developing your strength!

30 Minute Power Pedal

This quick 30 minute spin is your ticket to a fast calorie burn and great sweat! Indoor cycling - aka "spin" - is a fantastic way to keep your heart and lungs healthy, as well as develop strength and stamina in your legs and core. Grab a towel, get in, get out, get happy!

Strength & Cycle Circuit

Circuit training is a great way to build strength, tone up, and burn fat. This class involves a variety of strength training exercises ("stations") mixed with a spin bike cardio interval. Each station is performed for one minute before moving to the next.

Spin & Core Intervals

Cardio & Core - what could be better? This class alternates between 5 minutes on the bike and 5 minutes on the floor. The cycling portion will involve mostly steady state cardio with some light interval training. Core training will consist of varying exercises to target your abs, obliques, lower back, and glutes. 

Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra is a sleep meditation practice which will help to calm and balance your nervous system and offers an experience of calm, rest, stillness and grounding. We will begin with gentle yoga poses and breathing exercises to get your prana moving, unwind, and prepare the body. To prepare the mind, you will make a positive affirmation or intention called a Sankalpa. Resting into savasana (corpse pose) and turning all senses inward, you are guided step by step into your journey. As you melt deep into your meditation, you will gradually find yourself in a state of harmony and ultimate relaxation.


HIIT = High Intensity Interval Training. This style of training takes you through intervals of pushing your limits with short rest periods in between. We will use various pieces of equipment such as suspension trainers, BOSU Balls, and dumbbells to work the aerobic and anaerobic systems. Don't forget to bring a towel!

Parent & Tot / Stroller Fit

This class is on rain or shine! On fair weather days, bring your stroller for a fun outdoor walking workout. When the weather is unfavourable, we will take this class into the studio for a half hour of chasing, lifting, jumping, and bouncing! Let us show you how to get those pushups and squats in while engaging with and entertaining your small humans. All ages of children welcome.

Hatha Flow

This class begins with gentle stretches to prepare the body for a series of asanas (yoga poses). Asanas are blended with sun salutations and pranayama (breathing techniques) to create a meditative flow. Some light core work and relaxation complete this class, leaving you feeling strong, balanced, grounded, and peaceful.

TRX - The Ropes

The TRX Suspension Trainer is a set of thick straps suspended from the ceiling. Using your own body weight, the TRX provides a dynamic, low impact workout that improves strength and core stability.

50+ Circuit

This gentle circuit focuses on building and maintaining strength and mobility for those ages 50 and up. Circuits will involve basic strength training exercises in a controlled environment, with guidance from a Certified Personal Trainer. Spin bikes and a treadmill will be available for those looking to add in some light cardio. After completing 4 rounds of the circuit, we will finish off with some group stretching.

Spin Tabata

Floor Tabata

Tabata is a form of high intensity interval training which involves 8 exercises done for 20 seconds of work with 10 seconds of rest. In this class, we complete 4 rounds of Tabata to blast calories quick and keep your body burning after you leave. All exercises can be modified, but this class will certainly push you out of your comfort zone. It's fast, it's hard, it's Tabata!